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2019 Round Rock Dolphins Swimmer Registration

Welcome to the 2019 Swim Season with the Round Rock Dolphins!

Our goal is to continue making registration easier and faster in 2019. Please review all of the information in each section carefully and you'll have your swimmers registered in no time! You will receive a brief summary email once you have completed registration. Please note that if you would like a detailed record of your selections from each page, you will need to print the page out prior to selecting the "Next Step" tab at the bottom of each page.

We are excited to have you back for another great swim season, our 42nd season as a swim team! We are competing in NWSC Division 1 swimming against some great teams that include Balcones CC Sharks, Brushy Creek Marlins, Block House Creek Tidal Waves, Georgetown Aquadillos, Steiner Ranch Red Stars, and the Forest North Stingrays. The Divisional meet will be held at Micki Krebsbach pool and Texas A&M will be hosting the Invitationals meet for the fifth season.

You can now complete all your registration steps online (via our Swimtopia site) including paying fees. In addition to swimmer fees, you can sign-up for volunteering and purchase all of your Dolphin merchandise online. Note: Dolphin merchandise is also available through our new Dolphins web-based storefront marked "Shop" on our website.

To register your swimmer(s), you simply need to complete the information on the following tabs: Personal Information, Medical, Merchandise and Payment (e.g. tabs are located at the top of each page). Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a summary email confirming your registration and payment. We have summarized below the key information regarding 2019 swimmer fees, swimmer insurance and refunds.

Swimmer Fees: Swimmer fees are based on number of swimmers per family $120.00 for the 1st and 2nd swimmer, $102.00 for the 3rd swimmer, and $90.00 for the 4th + swimmer. Note: these fees (and structure) remain the same as the fees for our 2018 season!

Insurance: Swimmer insurance is a required $6.00 fee and required for each registered swimmer. This fee will automatically be included in the registration fee at checkout.

Dolph-a-thon: This is our team's main fundraising event each season and includes either a minimum fundraising commitment (for each swimmer) or a fundraising "buyout" option. The minimum fundraising commitment is $65.00 per swimmer and the fundraising "buyout" option is $65.00 per swimmer.

Dolphin Buddies Program: Dolphin Buddies is a program created by Coach Tom to support team unity. This fun team program matches small groups of younger and older swimmers so that the swimmers can get to know each other better, support and encourage each other throughout the Dolphin Swim Season.

Refunds: 100% of a swimmer's registration fee, including pre-paid Dolph-a-thon fee's, will be refunded if a swimmer withdraws prior to April 17, 2019 or two calendar weeks prior to the start of practice, 50% of a swimmer's registration fees, including pre-paid Dolph-a-thon fee's, will be refunded if a swimmer withdraws by May 15, 2019 or by the end of the second week of practice. No swimmer registration fees, including any pre-paid Dolph-a-thon fees, will be refunded for withdrawals after May 15th or after the start of the third week of practice.  All refund requests must be submitted via email to the vice president ( by the deadlines above.  Note: Swimmer Insurance and credit card processing fee's are required, paid during registration process, and will not be refunded!

Text Message Alerting: We will be offering text alerting this year for important team announcements. You can sign up at any time using the following information: Send the txt message @rrdolphins to 81010 You may have to answer a few simple questions and you're all signed up!

Welcome, thank you, and we are looking forward to another great 2019 Dolphin swim season!

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Dolphin Buddies

If you would like your swimmer to participate in our Dolphin Buddies Program (see information at the top of this form for info) please list their name and age below. This includes both younger swimmers who would like a buddy and older swimmers that would like to be a buddy.

Codes of Conduct / Handbook

The 2019 Dolphin Handbook now contains the Dolphins code of conduct and the NWSC code of conduct.

Please read the 2019 Dolphin Handbook which contains the 2019 Dolphins code of conduct and the NSWC code of conduct for rules and regulations and acknowledge you have read all three agreements by checking below.

2019 Dolphin Handbook

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Round Rock Dolphins Parent Release Form

The following gives your permission to allow the team to take pictures of your swimmer and use their name.

I agree to have my name, address, phone number, and email (the one identified for electronic registration) used in the team’s electronic communication (e.g. weekly newsletter and email announcements) and/or identification through the "family file” system.

From time to time photographs, videos, and/or audio clips may be taken of youth engaged in Round Rock Dolphin's activities. The Round Rock Dolphins request the right to use all photos, videos, and/or audio clips taken of Dolphin swimmers. I agree and consent to allow the Round Rock Dolphins to use photos, videos, and/or audio clips of my swimmer participating in Round Rock Dolphin's activities.

Please check if you agree to the terms outlined.

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2019 Fundraising Information

Dear Parents,

During our swim season there are 3 fundraising events which raises money to support our team, our meets, and generally allows us to limit increases in our swimmer registration fees. These events depend on you and your swimmers participation to raise money.


Dolph-a-thon is our most important swim team fundraiser and all Dolphin swimmers are invited and expected to participate in both fundraising and swimming in the Dolph-a-thon event which will be held during practice on June 12, 2019! Ok, there are two fundraising options: (1) each swimmer raises a minimum of $65.00 based on pledges from family and friends or (2) a parent can choose the $65 "buyout" option during our swimmer registration process. The Fundraising option is a great opportunity for a swimmer to reach out and talk with his/her family and friends about sponsoring him/her in their Dolph-A-Thon Lap Swim Day. To make the fundraising (and collecting) process much easier, family and friends can contribute (and pay) online using our Dolph-a-thon GoFundMe site (which is available beginning May 1, 2019). The Dolph-a-thon event is great fun, includes food and prizes for different levels of participation, and all swimmers are invited to swim as many laps as possible. More Dolph-a-thon information will be provided during the 1st week of practices!

Silent Auctions

The Dolphins host two Silent Auctions. During the specified meets, tables are set up with items and/or services on display for people to bid on. Forms are located near the item, which allows for people to write down their names and bids. One new item this year for the Silent Auction will be a waiver for the volunteer commitment for the 2019 season.

Please watch the website for an update on the available items to be auctioned. Please bring your credit cards, check books, and cash to the auctions and continue the tradition of making the Dolphins the best swim team in the area.


Please check the box if you are agreeing to pay your Dolph-a-thon buyout fee with your registration.

Do not check the box if you are choosing to raise the Dolph-a-thon fee through fundraising.

I understand each Dolphin Swimmer must participate in the Dolph-a-thon fundraiser by either: (a) raising a minimum of $65 or (b) paying the $65 Dolph-a-thon "buyout" fee during registration.

Regardless of your choice, you must initial this section to acknowledge that you have read and agree with this section.

Dolph-a-thon Company Matching Donations

Many of you work for companies who provide matching donations to charitable organizations. While we will still provide the ability to opt out of Dolph-a-thon during registration, what we would ask you to do instead is to utilize your company matching program to cover it, where possible. For every matching Dolph-a-thon fee received by our Treasurer on or before April 7th, we will match that generosity with a free Swimmer T-shirt for a parent or relative, up to 3 maximum per family. Think about it! Most of you buy the Swimmer T-shirts anyway, and by leveraging your company’s program to match your tax deductible donation, you actually save a few dollars to boot!

Here is a list of Central Texas companies who provide matching donations:

Matching Donations Company List

If the Dolphins are not set up with your company, please share the following information or do not hesitate to contact myself or Heather Phillips for a copy of our IRS 501c letter.

Round Rock Dolphins Swim Team Inc.

PO Box 1776

Round Rock, Texas 78681

Employer Identification Number: 74-2315170

DLN: 17053033367009

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2019 Volunteer Commitments

Volunteering is an integral part of our swim team.  Without the help from the parents, the meets simply could not run.  Based on our schedule, the number of families on our team and the positions we need filled, each family is being asked to volunteer a minimum of 7 shifts this season.

How do I sign up you ask?  I am glad you asked.  Between the start of online registration and May 14th, each family will be able to sign up for all 7 shifts for the entire season through the following link -    When signing up online, please keep the following steps/guidelines in mind…

1. Sign up for at least one (1) shift at the Divisionals Meet, if your swimmer(s) will be swimming that meet
2. For all other meets, pick an equal number of 1st and 2nd shifts
3. Note that I will be reviewing all Volunteer sign ups by family and adjusting as necessary based upon the rules above.  Please follow the rules as I cannot guarantee that alternate shifts for the same meet are available, as all shifts are on a first come, first serve basis. 
4. Please see attached Volunteer Guide and Job Description
5. Volunteer Sign up is now open at

2019 Volunteer Guide

Please contact Vanessa Camp, at the email listed below, if you are interested one of the key roles listed below:

Pit Parents
Set Up and Tear Down Lead

Stroke Judges - This position only requires 4 shifts plus an one hour training session
Ready Bench - This position only requires 5 shifts plus an one hour training session

REMEMBER!  In order to register your swimmer(s) for any meet, including the Practice Meet on May 18th, your family must first sign up for all 7 shifts. 

I look forward to working with all of you to coordinate your volunteer roles this season.  If you have any questions, please contact me at or my cell phone 512.791.8253.